Perfection now has a name; Marquis. This is the largest wall safe that we fabricate, with 4 times the storage capacity of other DSI wall safes. The Marquis wall safe spans two stud spaces and is 36” high. The interior design includes over sized shelves spanning the entire width of the safe, an internal lighting system, ten unique mahogany jewelry trays, an internal high security locking lever, as well as; velvet lining, two necklace hooks, mirrored doors and a hidden compartment crowning it our finest wall safe. This is the world’s largest wall safe. With four times the storage capacity of other DigitalSafe Wall Safes. This beauty also includes a Magnetic Card Swipe. The safe high security keypad allows for locking the safe by either digital key pad or by a quick swipe of your credit card.

Marquis Wall Safe Denver

Available in Almond or Black, or can be custom painted.
Please contact DigitalSafe
for Production and Manufacturing Time.






Marquis Wall Safe Denver
Marquis Wall Safe Denver
Marquis Wall Safe Denver

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