A fusion of security and style, the Executive vault safe is designed with its mahogany felt lined jewelry trays, passport holders and fine watch alcoves to fit into a smaller space while providing deposit box security in your very own home. The safe’s high security keypad allows for locking the safe by either digital key pad or by a quick swipe of your credit card. With its mirrored door and corner shelf this petite safe is perfect for quick and easy protection and for access of your irreplaceable items.

Executive Vault Safe Denver
Available in Almond or Black, or can be custom painted.
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  • Hi-tech key pad
  • High Security Credit Card Entry System
  • Pry Resistant Door
  • Mahogany Felt Lined Jewelry Trays
  • Passport Holders
  • Fine Watch Alcove
  • Passport Security Storage and Access
  • Mirrored Door
  • Available in Almond or Black, or can be custom painted.


  • 9″ H x 17″ W x 16.5″ D
  • Weight 40 LB


  • $845.00 with FREE Shipping



Executive Vault Safe Denver
Executive Vault Safe Denver open
Jewelry Tray

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