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DigitalSafe Diamond Wall Safe

5 Benefits of a Wall Safe

Are you tired of the floor safes in your house or even your place of work? Maybe you need an option to store important documents? If you would like a better option, read on to learn the 5 benefits of owning a wall safe: It’s Easy to Hide A wall safe is much easier to conceal than a floor safe. It will also be more secure because it is going to be hidden from the eyes of guests or intruders since it is possible to put a painting over it or install it in a closet. Easy to Access It’s

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Entry Level Safes

A Box Safe For An Entry Level Safe?

As life progresses, you may find yourself with more valuable items in your home that you’d like to protect. However, if you’re not at the point where a wall safe makes sense, you might consider a box safe. A box safe is an affordable, entry-level option that still can protect all of your valuable items and provide you quick access to the things you need and peace of mind knowing that your goods are secure. What Can I Store in a Box Safe Depending on its size, a box safe is ideal for storing not only money, but also valuable

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DigitalSafe Diamond Wall Safe

What to Look for When Buying a Wall Safe

Do you have items in your home that have significant financial or nostalgic value to you? A great way to secure your valuables and give you peace of mind is with a safe that you can install into a wall in your home. When thinking about buying a wall safe, there are a few elements to consider: Looking at the Ratings High quality safes are appraised through Underwriter Laboratories (UL) to assist buyers in educating themselves on the standards and ratings of safes. The two main UL ratings are for fire and for burglary. Search for safes that will keep the items

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DigitalSafe Porch Theft Blog Article

4 Ways to Deter Porch Theft

Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels It’s very frustrating to come home and find a package you were expecting missing. Whether you were waiting on something you needed like a prescription or pet food, or you were excited to receive your latest purchase, porch theft is discouraging. The good news is that your team at DigitalSafe has some helpful tips for protecting your porch from opportunistic thieves! Install a Parcel Delivery Box Near Your Door A lockable, tamper resistant delivery box can be a great way to protect packages being delivered. Some containers can even be concealed by being designed

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home security

Home Security: Keep Your Home Safe

Home Security: Additional Ways to Keep Your Home Safe – (Besides an Alarm System) At DigitalSafe Alarms our top priority is helping you set up your home security. We offer high quality alarm systems tailored to your home’s specific needs. We not only protect your biggest asset, but we can help it be more efficient with home automation systems. Today we want discuss some additional ways you can keep your home safe – besides using an alarm or home automation system. Why don’t we want to discuss alarms this time? Because we consider ourselves your partners in home safety, and this

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protecting your home

Protecting Your Home: 4 Important Items to Have

Your home is one of your greatest assets, and something that you want to protect. Protecting your home with a home security system is an excellent tool to help you monitor not only the security of your home, but also different systems in your household such as door locks, heating and cooling, and even your lighting. But there are other steps that you may not be aware of that you can take that will help you protect your home. Here are some helpful tips on additional security measures. Protecting Your Home With Smoke Alarms A vital protection for your home

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