What to Look for When Buying a Wall Safe

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Do you have items in your home that have significant financial or nostalgic value to you? A great way to secure your valuables and give you peace of mind is with a safe that you can install into a wall in your home. When thinking about buying a wall safe, there are a few elements to consider:

Looking at the Ratings

High quality safes are appraised through Underwriter Laboratories (UL) to assist buyers in educating themselves on the standards and ratings of safes. The two main UL ratings are for fire and for burglary.

Search for safes that will keep the items you plan on storing secure. For instance, paper archives, jewels and handguns can tolerate up to 350 degrees of inside warmth. In the event that you decide to store photos, hard drives, DVDs, recorded tapes or photographic slides, you will look for a safe with a rating that ensures that its inside temperature won’t surpass 125 degrees during a fire.

Most home safes offer 30 minutes of flame and heat insurance; however, you also can buy a safe with flame security running from one to three hours. This is particularly important if you live in a remote area where it may take a fire department longer to get to your home.

Location is Everything

While considering the model and size of the wall safe you need to buy, it is also important to think about how you will install the safe in your home. A large part of the security offered by a wall safe includes concealing it from people breaking into your home.

Consider installing it in the pantry, or in a closet or behind false electrical box cover. Other potential areas are behind a piece of artwork, or behind a bigger dresser or behind books in a bookshelf.


Search for wall space that fits between two studs. Installing between two studs makes the wall safe firmly secured and hard to take out. Typically weight-bearing walls have studs that are 16 inches apart, while in non-weight-bearing walls they are 24 inches apart . If someone were to break in to your home, having the safe secured between studs will absolutely increase the time it would take to steal it from the wall.

Wall safes include a flange around the exterior of the safe, which deters robbers from cutting it from the wall. Furthermore, the front of the safe is recessed, which makes it easier to hang artwork over it.

Theft Deterrent

Experienced criminals may carry devices with them to try and pry open a safe. Certain types of wall safes have two different compartments: one main area that you see when the safe is opened, and another that is hidden. This not only gives you more space, but also permits you to place more significant items in the concealed compartment.

Locking Mechanism

There are many types of locks for wall safes so you can customize your safe based on your own needs and lifestyle. For instance, you can have a double bolt safe that can be opened with a credit card. A biometric finger impression lock works well for handgun owners. In the event that you need quick access to the safe, your unique finger impression can open the safe promptly. Many safes also have an electronic locks that are opened with a numerical keypad.

Buying a wall safe that fits your requirements is easy once you know what to search for, and we’re always happy to help you! Consider a wall safe from DigitalSafe to keep your valuables secure and protected.

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