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Home Security: Additional Ways to Keep Your Home Safe – (Besides an Alarm System)

At DigitalSafe Alarms our top priority is helping you set up your home security. We offer high quality alarm systems tailored to your home’s specific needs. We not only protect your biggest asset, but we can help it be more efficient with home automation systems.

Today we want discuss some additional ways you can keep your home safe – besides using an alarm or home automation system. Why don’t we want to discuss alarms this time? Because we consider ourselves your partners in home safety, and this includes educating our clients about other home protection options, which only helps you keep your family and your house well protected


Putting a fence around your yard is an excellent way to improve your home’s curb appeal.  It can also keep unwanted visitors out of your property and your family and pets inside. A taller fence can be a good way of deterring theft by keeping your windows out of the line of vision of people or cars passing by.

Outdoor Lighting

Keeping your property well lit inside and outside is always a good idea for deterring home invasions or burglaries. You can have motion sensors added to your outdoor lighting that will light up anything moves and triggers it. This is often enough to keep unwanted people at bay.

Organize a Neighborhood Watch

Know your neighbors! Helping one another to protect your homes is one of the best ways to keep your neighborhood safe. When you become familiar with your neighbors it’s easy to set up a neighborhood watch program where neighbors can contact each other and the local police if they notice anything or anyone suspicious in the area. Need a place to start? Check out this article: https://bit.ly/2wPjEsu

Contact Digital Safe Alarms

If you need an alarm system, or an upgrade, or perhaps you just have questions about the safety of your home, we encourage you to contact DigitalSafe Alarms either online through our website or by calling 720-941-6543.

We are always happy to discuss ways to make your home safer with you!

home security

And to add extra security to your home, consider installing a wall safe to protect your valuables:

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