Responsible Gun Ownership

Platinum Wall Safe Hand Gun Hidden Compartment

Responsible Gun Ownership

With so many uncertainties going on in our world, many people in our country protect their families with a gun. While this keeps your home secure, you also want to be smart about how you store your gun(s).

There have been many unfortunate situations where children gain access to a gun that is not properly stored. This ends up causing harm to themselves or other people. It is not something anyone wishes to happen in their own home, and these situations can easily be avoided if you store your gun in a safe that your children can’t access. This is something that DigitalSafe can help you with.

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Storing Your Gun in a Safe

DigitalSafe offers secure options for box safes or wall safes that are impeccably designed so they don’t detract from your home décor. Both styles offer convenient keypad entry, so you don’t have to keep track of a key, or fumble with it while you are opening your safe.

A box safe sits out, while a wall safe can be placed in a closet, or hidden behind a painting because it is installed directly into your wall. Both styles offer easy access so you can reach your items quickly when you need them.

We offer a number of sizes and options to choose from so you can tailor your safe to your needs and size specifications. This ensures that you’ll have enough space to secure all your valuable items including your gun.

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You’ve purchased a gun to protect your home; don’t compromise the safety of your family. Make sure that you store your investment properly in a secure safe that your children can’t access.

Contact DigitalSafe at 800-566-3122 to learn more, or reach us online at

Did you know?  DigitalSafe also installs alarm systems to protect your home even more.

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