Home Security: Tips for Your New Home

Security Tips for Your New Home

Home Security

Keeping your family safe is the most important priority life.  Here are 13 Ways to gain home security, stay safe and to secure your new house.

1. Change the locks. There is no telling how many people have a key to your new home – no matter what your realtor says. You should also consider installing deadbolt locks for additional safety.

2. Don’t leave moving boxes on the curb. Leaving these items in plain sight will alert burglars that you’re just moving in and may not be paying attention to home security.

3. Be careful when disposing of product packaging. You do not want to advertise recent purchases for your new home.

4. Secure your windows. The second most common entrance for burglars is a window. This includes second story windows that may have access from a roof or a nearby tree.

5. Trim your trees. Overgrown tree branches can provide access to second floor windows.

6. Do not store ladders or trash cans outside. They can be used to provide easy access to second floor windows.

7. Get to know your new neighbors. Making friends with your neighbors can be beneficial in many ways. You can keep an eye on each other’s houses during vacation and learn about neighborhood activity.

8. Hang curtains, blinds or other window treatments. This will keep people from the outside looking in and checking out any new or valuable items you have purchased from your new home.

9. Never hide keys outside. Burglars know all the good hiding spots.

Pay attention to number 10. This is one of the most important ways to keep your home safe!

10. Upgrade your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Start fresh with new batteries and test them to make sure they work.

11. Install security lighting. A bright well-lit home is a burglar’s worst nightmare. Security lighting around your home will deter anyone looking for a place to hide while they break in.

12. Install a home security system. A home security system with 24-hour monitoring will provide your home with a layer of protection that can’t be duplicated. You can also save money on your homeowners’ insurance by equipping your home with a security system.

13. Install a hidden wall safe. The best place to hide your valuables is in a place that burglars can’t find. Wall safes can be placed in almost any wall and hidden behind pictures, panels and within closet spaces. Even if a burglar can find where the safe is located, wall safes are difficult to remove in a timely fashion.

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