DigitalSafe Silver Wall Safe


DigitalSafe is a luxury wall safe company.  Our safes are elegant, refined, burglary-rated and we fabricate five styles and sizes of wall safes.  The Silver Wall Safe is our base model, but one of our most popular.  This unique wall safe exemplifies the outstanding craftsmanship of the DigitalSafe Wall Safe line. Our classic Silver wall safe model includes plush velvet lined interior and convenient accessibility.  It offers storage and protection for passports, hand guns, cash and jewelry. The safe’s high security keypad allows for locking the safe by either digital key pad or by a quick swipe of your credit card makes it perfect for home or office.

Finding a wall safe that fits your requirements is easy once you know what to search for. Consider a wall safe from DigitalSafe to keep your valuables secure.

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The Silver Wall Safe can be easily hidden in a master closet


The Silver Wall Safe from DigitalSafe