DigitalSafe Steps Up Security with the new Marquis Wall Safe


DigitalSafe Steps Up Security with the new Marquis Wall Safe

Last year, we published a blog about common mistakes made by homeowners that actually make a home more burglar-friendly. Tips included keeping your valuables in fake cans in your pantry or in your ceiling tiles because the first place a burglar will look for your precious baubles is in the master bedroom and closet. This is absolutely a great deterrent, but something can also be said for not having to root around canned vegetables to find your grandmother’s antique necklace. So, in keeping with the Burglars=Bad motif, what better way to keep your jewelry, passports and other valuable items safe then a, well… safe?

For several years, Closet Factory has partnered with a company called DigitalSafe to offer our clients “elegant, refined” wall and box safes. Fabricated to the highest standards under the watchful eye of founder and president Streeter McClure, these safes also contain great features such as passport compartments, mahogany jewelry trays and adjustable shelves.

DigitalSafe’s newest product, the Marquis, takes security and luxury to a whole new level.

The Marquis is the largest production wall safe available and offers ten mahogany jewelry trays, necklace hooks, a mirrored door and a hidden compartment. However, the luxury features are not the only thing this safe has going for it. Security features include a security flange, tamperproof locking mechanism that shuts down the electronics of the safe in the event of a break-in, a cold-rolled steel door and two steel locking bolts to keep your valuables as safe as possible.

And behind these safety features, the Marquis offers a 31″x30″7″ space, allowing you to keep all of your valuables locked securely in one place.

by closetfactoryco